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And the headline of his video: "FBI RAIDS Donald Trump: This Means WAR!!!". Guys, he is speaking to lunatics who we know are ready, willing and capable of doing insane stuff. Go to patriots.win (Trump insanity land). They are all saying this is the beginning of a civil war and that they are ready to get blood on their hands. The DOJ is about to get Trump on some serious serious crime. Hard evidence this time. No Mueller vague nonsense. Again, the FBI raided the home of a former president who is about to announce his candidacy for a second term. The FBI has to lay out exactly why raiding the home of a former president is absolutely necessary. And a judge approved that. A former president is not treated the same way someone like Roger Stone is. And yet a judge approved this raid. This is not gonna be pretty. submitted by /u/TX18Q to r/seculartalk [link] [comments]
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Apologies for this being uploaded late. Join Sam and Sean as they review another game they have played recently and talk about how much difference there can be between two matches with the same lists. A Matter of Luck submitted by /u/Smoios to r/XWingTMG [link] [comments]
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about, yours truly 16f wicked sense of humor and great at keeping the conversation going Does art and really likes music Basically a puppy in human form dont be creepy or dry dm or discord muddled_porpoise#5160 submitted by /u/Hopeful_Divide8276 to r/teenagers [link] [comments]
I went to my psychiatrist appointment this morning. After a crisis last week, I really wanted to talk about how I believe I have quiet/discouraged BPD. However, the psychiatrist just kind of ignored what I said. When I tried to explain how I feel and that I think I have quiet/discouraged BPD she said “that’s not in your records - your records don’t indicate any behaviors of BPD. But yeah, you could have some of that” and then kept talking about prescribing Zoloft for my depression. But I was trying to tell her about my BPD symptoms AT THAT MOMENT. I’ve tried so hard to explain this to mental health professionals, but no one listens. They keep talking about how I have depression and anxiety, but they skim over the part about my BPD symptoms. It’s like no one listens - they just feed me what THEY think I have. I feel like it shouldn’t be this difficult to be diagnosed. I’ve tried over and over to explain my symptoms to therapists and psychiatrists but literally no one listens. Everyone just talks about my depression and anxiety symptoms. But a big part of my depression is BECAUSE of my BPD symptoms. Is getting a diagnosis for BPD hard to do? Or is it just that I’m explaining my symptoms wrong to them? How long did it take for you to get diagnosed with BPD? submitted by /u/throwawaytoday-5364 to r/BPD [link] [comments]
Unicorn is slightly overtuned but the reason isn't its damage. The purpose of this post isn't to say that Unicorn isn't strong nor Moon is strong. Here is the full combo of Moon Gundam, Butterfly Knife > Down Swing > Plate > Beam Rifle > Neutral Swing > Down Swing The damage is, 1500*2 + 2900*1.4 + 1500*8 + 2500 + 2900 + 2900*1.4*0.5 = 26490 With 35 ranged strength and 35 melee strength, its 35761. All plates can hit the target if the target is tall and we attack from its side. If only 4 plates hit, the damage is 27661. The full combo of Unicron is, Magnam Beam > Dual Saber Down Swing > Tonfa Down Swing > Dual Saber Neutral Swing > Dual Saber Down Swing The damage is, 3600 + 2900*1.6 + 3500*1.5 + 2900 + 2900*1.6*0.7 = 19638 In red NTD, with 20 ranged strength and 50 melee strength, its 28377. Considering that 700 cost suits usually don't equip ballistic defence, Moon Gundam has higher damage than Unicorn even if only half of its plates hit. submitted by /u/ctclonny to r/GBO2 [link] [comments]
I have emailed our financial aid office and they literally refused to give me a straight answer other than we do not discuss this information before the review date. Essentially I only have 6 degree applicable credits this semester which isn't true anyway but even if I did I have applied for graduation as of this morning and this semester marks my second to last semester. According to the TAP requirements I should be fine. However, a few days ago I was emailed saying I did not meet the requirements for TAP and my aid would be canceled if no action was taken. I emailed financial aid asking about this and applied for graduation. They said the next TAP certification Review is not until mid to late September but the email from HESC says that if no action is taken by September 2nd I will not receive my aid which I need in order to attend. Does anyone else have experience with this? Am I safe since I applied for graduation and meet the requirements or am I fucked because I wont meet the requirements in their eyes until the review in late September? submitted by /u/SBU_Depressed to r/SBU [link] [comments]
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Season 4 Episode 12, when Klarion takes over the school bus he says to the bus driver Charlie “Hey, you remind me of somebody.” It feels like one of those Easter egg drops that only Eagle-eyed people would get. Does anybody know? submitted by /u/Wolfbison98 to r/youngjustice [link] [comments]
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It's pronounced Skope-yay, not Scoopy. I don't follow sports, but while driving I hear the sport bulletins, and no matter the station every reporter has mispronounced Skopje, as Scoopy. I was hoping it would be corrected over the weekend, but here we are on Tuesday and they are still getting it wrong. submitted by /u/codnotasgoodasbf3 to r/ireland [link] [comments]

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